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The Lady or the Tiger and Blackboard

Page history last edited by Mary Hillis 9 years, 5 months ago

The Lady or the Tiger and Blackboard

Blackboard: Quiz

Look under  “Assignments” in Blackboard and click on “The Lady or the Tiger?” to start your quiz. There are ten questions.


Blackboard: Discussion Board

Today's discussion has two parts.  Take about 15 minutes to write your replies to the following questions.  Then write at least one reply to a classmate. 

Part One: What do you think happened at the end of The Lady or the Tiger?  That is to say, which came out of the door--the lady or the tiger?  Also, if you were the princess or the young man, how would you want the story to end?

Part Two:  In The Lady or the Tiger, the characters must make choices.  Describe a decision you have made.  What was it?  How did you decide?  What was the result of this decision and are you satisfied with it?

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