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The Blue Carbuncle

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The Blue Carbuncle Assignment Sheet


Before reading the story:

  • Find out more about the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When and where was he born?
  • This story is set in London. Using Google Maps, what can you discover? What tourist attractions related to Sherlock Holmes can you find?
  • Describe Sherlock Holmes' appearance. Search Google Images for "Sherlock Holmes"



After reading the story: 

After you have completed the comprehension questions in the book, please start this writing assignment.

With your partner, write a diary entry for your character. Concentrate on your character's thoughts and actions during the story, especially Part II.  Write a paragraph of good sentences. You should write as if you are the character, so use "I." Although you can imagine a little, make sure that your paragraph logically corresponds to the story. When you finish, draw a picture of your character; use your imagination.


Characters to choose from:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Watson
  • Peterson (the commissionaire)
  • Goose
  • Henry Baker
  • Countess of Morcar
  • John Horner (the plumber)
  • Catherine Cusack (the Countess' maid)
  • James Ryder
  • Mr. Windigate (owner of the Alpha Inn)
  • Mr. Breckinridge (goose seller)
  • Mrs. Oakshott
  • Maudsley


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