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Page history last edited by Mary Hillis 8 years ago


Using 21st Century Tools to Teach Literature, JALT 2012.


Online Professional Development Journey, EFL Teacher Journeys Conference, June 2012.


Digital Tools, Panel: EVO/Earth Day, 5th Virtual Round Table Web Conference, April 22, 2012.


Digital Storytelling with Dvolver, EV Fair Classics, TESOL 2012.



Using 21st Century Tools to Teach Literature. Osaka JALT Back to School Event.


Using 21st Century Tools to Explore 19th Century Literature. (co-presenter) TESOL 2011.


Emotive Variables in Motivation: A Case Study. (co-presenter). JALT CUE 2011 Conference.


Using Social Networking Tools for Personal Learning Networks and in the Classroom. (co-presenter) JALT CUE 2011 Conference.




Digital Storytelling with Dvolver, EV Fair, TESOL 2010.



"Encircling Meaning: From Literature to Research" Poster Presentation for JALT 2009 Conference. 

"Creating Pathways to Academic Content with Word Cards" presentation for JALT CUE 2009 Conference.

"The Amplified Educator," with Carla Arena.  A moderated asynchronous discussion accompanied by PowerPoint presentation and Voicethread. Webheads in Action Online Convergence, May 2009. 

"Images for Education," with Jane Petring.  Electronic Village, TESOL 2009.


"Classroom Practice Panel." TESOL 2009.  Invited by the editor of Language Games: Innovative Activities for Teaching English to give an overview of the chapter I authored, "Bingo: Building Interest and Negotiation through Games from the Outset."


"Professional Development in Online Circles of Learning," with Carla Arena. The Training of Trainers, Network to Support Trainers in Europe, Online Conference, 2008.

"Blogging for Educators," with Carla Arena. Electronic Village, TESOL 2008.

"Using Chinswing to create authentic listening materials"  Electronic Village, TESOL 2008.




"Vocabulary learning through the four strands," (co-presenter). JALT 2007.


“Beyond Journaling: Informal Writing Tasks for Critical Thinking,” JALT CUE 2007 Conference.

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